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Kalakar was founded by Poonam Pandit in 2011 with the mission of reviving the vanishing tradition of handloom weaving in Goa.

A decade ago, while working with renowned designer Wendell Rodricks on a textile project, she encountered the last family of Goan weavers. They were on the verge of shutting down their looms due to waning demand for handloom fabrics. The project involved creating a collection of saris and fabrics that put Goa’s handloom textiles into the spotlight.

To revitalise the languishing craft, Poonam and the artisans work closely, using traditional methods, while experimenting with materials and techniques to create limited run pieces of exquisite quality and authentic design.  

Kalakar products are currently sold online and at select boutique stores in Goa and around the world.


Poonam Pandit

Poonam trained in textile design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Her diverse experience in the textile industry ranges from working with furnishing export houses, garment export and liaison companies, designers, educational institutions as well as artisanal textile groups across rural India.

Kalakar reflects Poonam's dedication to meaningful design while saving a valuable textile heritage. Her work has breathed new life into old looms.  It makes a statement on how contemporary design can be sensitive to local ethos and sustainable practice.

The Artisans

Baburao Babaji Tilve also called ‘’Kaka’’ (affectionately means grandfather in Konkani), lives in a joint family in a village in North Goa. He has been weaving since the 1950s. Having learnt the craft from his father, he has passed on the knowledge to his sons and brother. Their mastery of the craft and drive for perfection is evident in the flawless weaves they create. The distinctive designs of Kalakar are a result of their interest in experimenting and creating new patterns.

Kaka, who had a flourishing trade since the Portuguese era was left behind by the march of time. For years his worth remained unrecognized. With Kalakar the family has a new motivation to keep the loom running. Kaka's now oversees the work while his sons take up the weaving. 


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